PIV Unit Installation

What is Positive Input Ventilation?

A PIV system provides a continuous supply of filtered fresh air into your home or flat by creating positive pressurisation. This environment prevents the growth of black mould and condensation. PIV units are the UK’s fastest growing low energy, home ventilation solution.

PIV is a fit-and-forget technology that requires minimal energy to run and minimum effort to maintain. They filter fresh air into all rooms and force out moist stale air through natural cracks and leakage points in the home, such as trickle vents on windows and key holes in doors and replaces it with good quality air.

The heating element in the system moderates the airflow on entering the property. The result is improved air quality and a healthy living environment in which condensation cannot exist.

A PIV unit installation from Stop Condensation UK will help to eliminate surface condensation, prevent black mould and reduce dust mites. We are one of East Anglian leading installers & use state of the art systems to ensure your home is fully protected.

Why have a PIV unit fitted?

  • PIV units help prevent build up of condensation.
  • The unit filters the air, so dust, pollen and many pollutants are removed, thus improving air quality.
  • Musty and stale smells are significantly reduced or completely removed.
  • One unit will help with ventilation throughout an average sized property.
  • Units are economical and tend to draw between 1.5 – 15 watts.
  • They are unobtrusive and very quiet, even on higher settings.
  • You don’t need to turn the unit on and off as it self-regulates.

PIV Features & Benefits

Minimal maintenance, fit and forget solution.

PIV is a fit-and-forget technology that requires minimal energy to run and minimum effort to maintain. The PIV strategy, also known as an Alternative System 5 within Part F of building regulations, works by gently introducing fresh, filtered air into the dwelling ensuring that old, contaminated moisture-laden air is continuously diluted, displaced, and replaced with good quality air.

Improves indoor air quality.

A PIV unit also helps improve indoor air quality, helping to reduce odours, VOCs and pollutants that enter the home. It can also reduce humidity by ensuring a fresh flow of air into the property. PIV is clinically proven to help reduce dust mite allergens which can cause asthma and affect allergy sufferers.

Cures condensation, black mould and dust mites.

Adequate ventilation in the home improves air quality and rids the home of air pollutants. It controls the moisture levels in the home, preventing Condensation Dampness and the formation of Black Mould. On average, occupants spend over 80% of their time indoors so indoor air quality really does matter.

Low running costs.

Because PIV Units are so cheap to install and run, many people have doubts about the effectiveness of PIV units. After all, if PIV units can improve air quality and reduce condensation, damp and mould, why do people spend so much on air conditioning? Do PIV units work? The short answer is yes. PIV units work, and their effect is transformational.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PIV units noisy?

Unless you are running it on the high-speed setting, you barely hear it.

Will the air be cold?

The answer to this is both yes and no. The air coming in will be cooler than that of what’s in your home but the loft is slightly warmer because of solar gain, so it will warm the air.

Will the PIV unit pump warm air in during summer?

The onboard sensors switch the unit off on hot days. Then, once the temperature lowers in the evening, the unit will kick back into air filtration mode.

Are PIV units expensive to buy and run?

After initial installation, the running costs are much lower than you would expect, costing around £5 per year.

Do I need to switch the unit on and off?

Once you have the unit installed, it monitors itself to optimise air quality and energy without your help.

Can I install the PIV unit myself?

It would be advisable to have a professional install your PIV Unit as it needs to connect to the mains. This is for insurance as well as safety purposes.

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